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Benefits of having an electric car

There are many benefits to owning an electric car and it's not just helping out the environment. Electric Vehicles also offer a better driving experience, a monetary savings on fuel, and they also require less maintenance.

Now more than ever, there are even incentive programs and perks you can take advantage of if you choose to go electric. Make sure you check them out below!

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Smooth Driving

Electric cars have a fast and smooth acceleration.


Luxury Experience

Electric cars offer a technology-rich experience.


Saves Time & Money

You'll take fewer or no trips to the gas station.


Less Maintenance

Unlike traditional cars, electric motors don’t require oil changes.

Environmental Impact

By choosing to drive electric, you are helping cut down on air pollution and reducing your carbon footprint.


Rewarding Perks

Electric cars have incentive programs that save you money and even pay you! (See below).

Take Advantage of These Perks

When Buying an Electric Car

NY State Rebate

Charging your Electric Car

Get Paid to Charge

Getting a Home Charger

Quick & Easy Setup

Amazon Home Services is introducing a new program for electric car customers that simplifies the process of installing a Level 2 home charger.

The Amazon Home Charger Program is a 100% digital and easy to use. You can set up an appointment from the comfort of your home, in just a few minutes.


You can also shop Amazon for all your charger needs.

SmartCharge is a program that is paying NYC and Westchester residents to charge there cars during off-peak hours. SmartCharge also tracks your driving efficiency, greenhouse gas savings, battery health and monthly earnings in the SmartCharge Rewards Dashboard.

When you sign up for SmartCharge you could earn up to $1,000/year!

New York State is issuing a rebate of up to $2,000 for new car purchases or leases. In addition, the state also approved a Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500. 

The NY State Drive Clean Program does not have an end-date, only a budget cap. Currently, only $6.6M of $55M has been utilized (12%), so don't delay and make sure to start shopping for your electric car today!

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Save up to $2,000 on an Electric Car

Contact us today and we will set you up with one of our knowledgeable sales team members. They will help guide you to the getting the most savings when you purchase an electric vehicle at Plaza Auto Leasing. With a wide selection of inventory we will be able to provide you with the electric vehicle of your dreams. 

Don't delay this offer ends when the state reaches it's $55 million cap!

Get Paid to Charge Off-Peak Hours

Below are some rewards you can expect to receive by participating in the SmartCharge program. Check out the video for more information! 

A bonus $150 for each vehicle you enroll


An extra $25 when you use promo code CHARGE25

Access to a personalized dashboard with valuable stats on your driving efficiency, carbon footprint, battery health, and more!

...and more!


Setting up a Home Charger with Amazon

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Amazon has made it simple for you to install an electric car charger in your home. All you have to do is answer 3 simple questions about your home and pick a a date and time for the technician to come install your home charger. That's it! You can also shop Amazon for your home charger.

Easy setup

Convient Scheduling

Vetted Professionals

Happiness Guaranteed

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